How to Choose the Best Roofing Material for Your Dream Home

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Ensuring the best roof covering ceramic tiles are installed on a residential property is crucial. It can influence the looks of the building and also can ensure the roof satisfies the layout requirements of your house. The decision regarding the floor tile utilized on your propriety will take place to affect a number of various other essential choices. However with many kinds of roof tile offered, the market can feel overwhelming. Continue reading for our very easy to review overview covering the essentials on various roof covering tiles available, including advantages and disadvantages in addition to possible expenses.

From all-natural products like slate and timber to manmade products such as asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers; there are extra types and also designs of roofing to pick from today than ever before. While each has its advantages and also shortcomings, they all can include a distinct layout aspect to your house. So which one is right for you?

There are lots of aspects to consider when picking a roof covering consisting of:

  • The length of time will it last?
  • Does it hold up during natural catastrophes such as wildfires or typhoons?
  • Is it easy to fix the broken roof?
  • Is it as well hefty for the existing roofing framework?
  • Does the roof have sufficient slope?
  • Will the look complement the style of the house?
  • Are the materials environmentally friendly and also recyclable?
  • Is the type of roofing enabled by neighborhood building codes?
  • And also finally, how much does it set you back?

Clay Roof Tiles

Numerous house owners with one eye on the residential property market are resorting to clay tiles to add genuine visual worth to their residence. This eye-catching ceramic tile comes in a variety of forms and patterns helping to create a standard Mediterranean look.

The upkeep needed for clay roofing tiles is reduced however they are fragile as well as can be prone to damage. They are among the most effective tiles to use for modest to high sloped roofing systems and although on the more expensive end of the acquiring scale, the all-natural materials used to make them supply eco-friendly appeal.

Sandtoft’s 20/20 clay tile is a terrific instance of a basic interlocking clay floor tile, It is referred to as a ‘New Generation floor tile’ which means it can be set up faster to decrease linked work costs.

Concrete Roofing System Ceramic Tiles

Concrete tiles can simulate the visual charm of clay and also slate while also supplying high degrees of durability versus the elements. They are one of one of the most common ceramic tile kinds on the marketplace and extremely affordable in connection with their efficiency degrees.

While the low-level maintenance makes concrete one of the best tile products to purchase, it needs to be noted that the roofing system structure will require to be able to sustain the extra weight that features the setup of concrete tiles. Oftentimes, enhanced framing will be called for to make sure the framework can bear the lots. Concrete roof covering floor tiles can be utilized on modest to steeper sloped roofing systems as well as likewise supply solid fire resistance.

To get a suggestion of what a standard concrete roofing system tile looks like, the Marley Eternit Plain tile is a good location to begin. It can be found in a series of nine different colours, reflecting the material’s flexibility, and also can also be made use of for vertical cladding on the side of your house, if needed.

Interlacing Roofing System Tiles

Single lap interlocking roofing tiles are usually flat or profiled smooth or granular and are perhaps the simplest and quickest of all the roofing system floor tile variations to mount. The consolidated ease of usage, in addition to reduced costs, has seen them turn into one of the two main floor tile kinds mounted in the UK. Concrete is by far one of the most typical material used for this specific style, although they can be purchased in clay and also slate.

For roofings that require a reduced pitch, the Sandtoft Standard pattern interlocking ceramic tile is both easy to install and also very long lasting. These are recommended for usage when re-tiling as well as can be made use of on roof pitches as reduced as 17.5 °

Big Style Roofing Tiles

The main benefit huge layout floor tiles offer to home owners as well as designers is faster setup and the reduction of support materials. This is excellent news for your bottom line in addition to the speed at which roofing jobs can be finished.

The dimension of the tile means the coverage location can be filled out a much shorter space of time. This minimizes the weight and assistance demands underneath. Both clay and concrete ranges are offered as well as there is a variety of huge style roof covering tile design and styles. These include different structures, colours and also surfaces. They can be utilized on different pitches as well as are seen as among the very best ceramic tiles to make use of on tasks where the budget is the motoring aspect.

Low Pitch Roof Covering Tiles

For roofing systems that are at 20 ° or much less (10 ° is usually the outright minimum), low pitch roof covering tiles are the ideal remedy. This style allows homeowners with low angled roofs to pick the appropriate colour without having to compromise too much as a result of the layout of their home. They can likewise be acquired as interlacing ceramic tiles, typically in clay or concrete. Reduced pitch ceramic tiles are preferred for use with home extensions where planning restrictions protect against the use of basic roof tile styles.

The Forticrete Centurion Floor tile can be utilized on pitches as reduced as 10 °. It is available in four colour alternatives allowing you choose the aesthetic that finest suits the develop. There are fewer extra reliable reduced pitched tiles readily available on the market.


Initial pantiles were made from clay up until the center of the 20th century when concrete pantiles provided an extra cost-efficient service. The distinctive’S’ design is among the most preferred roof floor tiles designs utilized by both property owners as well as developers, although there are differences to be made in between the clay as well as concrete variation.

The colour difference operates in favour of clay pantiles which show up more natural due to being kiln-fired, avoiding the fading issues faced by concrete pantiles. Standard clay pantiles are usually thicker, with a 15mm side, while the concrete alternative is two times the dimension with 30mm.

If you are wanting to save money on costs, after that a concrete pantile would commonly be the very best alternative. The Sandtoft Concrete County Pantile supplies exactly that– giving you a wonderful rate together with the look of a standard pantile.

Ordinary Roof Covering Ceramic Tiles

The portable size of simple roof covering ceramic tiles permits them to be double lapped, boosting their density via triple depth placement to shield the inside from water. They are one of one of the most cosmetically pleasing floor tile types. Whilst fairly typical stylishly, they are still regularly utilized for new builds today.

Property owners can select in between clay and concrete simple roofing system ceramic tiles, with interlacing versions lowering a few of the work intensity that is generally associated with mounting these tiles.

Ordinary roofing documents are made to show a conventional layout and the Redland Duoplain Concrete Floor tile maintains those principles. This interlocking tile is both economical and also easy to mount and continues to be a popular choice for property owners as well as programmers.

Double Roman Design Roofing System Tiles

Dual Roman roofing system tiles are the recommended option of ceramic tile for UK homes rather than the single kind, with concrete commonly used in favour of clay. The unique level design with a tiny roll can still be found in clay many thanks to the Sandtoft making the clay Double Roman.

The Marley Double Roman Concrete floor tile mirrors much of what we mention in the description over. This is an additional of the A+ eco-friendly concrete ceramic tiles we have in stock. The distinctive roll-profile provides the traditional look many favor to mount.

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